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Despite hunting safety class requirements fatal accidents occur

There is no question that many different types of negligent activities could lead to accidents that result in death. That said some activities seem more prone to this sort of thing happening than others. Hunting is one activity that due to the various types of weapons involved with completing the task could result in a serious, life-ending accident.

Because the activity can be so dangerous the state of Connecticut has a variety of classes that must be completed before a hunting license will be granted. These include:

  • Firearms Hunting Course
  • Self-Study Firearms
  • Firearms Accreditation Course
  • Bowhunting Course
  • Trapping Course

Teen driver restricted licenses prohibit driving with friends

There is no question that riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous activity. Even when the riders themselves take all of the proper safety precautions if drivers of other motor vehicles do not follow the rules of the road they could place the life of the motorcyclist in danger. Sadly a woman recently died in a motorcycle crash in Connecticut when her motorcycle was hit by a car driven by a 16-year-old girl.

Tips for staying safe on the roads this holiday weekend

Memorial Day weekend is a favorite of many people. An extra day tacked onto the weekend during a time of year that is often perfect weather-wise, is a great opportunity for many to spend time with family and friends socializing. To make this happen people often take to the road a travel longer distances than they otherwise would. Because so many people have this same idea drivers can expect to encounter a lot of traffic.

To try to keep things safe for those driving from one place to another, law enforcement officers will be out making sure that drivers are following the rules of the road. One of the things they will be doing is conducting sobriety checkpoints. To avoid being arrested at one of them it is a good idea to not drive after consuming alcohol. They will also be on the lookout for illegal cellphone use, the failure to wear a seat belt and hazardous moving violations.

Tips for a successful first boating trip of the season

This holiday weekend serves as the kick-off for summer for many individuals. In the state of Connecticut this means that people will participate in many summertime activities such as boating. Likely in anticipation of many boats being taken out, this past week was National Safe Boating Week. In observation of that there are multiple things that boaters should keep in mind.

Following Amtrak crash union pushes for second engineer on trains

Over the course of the past few months there have been multiple accidents involving trains throughout the United States. The most recent serious train accident occurred earlier this month in another East Coast state. The train’s derailment resulted in more than 200 people suffering injuries and eight deaths.

That derailment appears to at least partially be due to the fact that the individual at the controls of the train allowed it to go more than twice the miles per hour limit for the area where it occurred. The crash occurred on a curve which means that a train should reduce its speed to 50 mph.

Creating barrier could prevent serious injury in dog attack

While it is possible for anyone who crosses paths with a dog to be the victim of a dog bite, the risk is statistically greater for those who are regularly exposed to the animals. Perhaps the individuals who most often end up in this situation are mail carriers. In the course of delivering mail it is possible that they could encounter a dog that is aggressive and be injured as a result.

To try to minimize the severity of the injuries incurred following one of these instances the mail carriers in one west coast city received training on how to handle a dog attack. The training was conducted by a professional and his dog and the technique used could be beneficial to those who do not deliver mail for living as well.

Birth injuries one type of medical malpractice claim

As most women who have had babies are aware, the process of giving birth to the child can be difficult. The pain prompts some women to opt for relief via an epidural. While the procedure often goes as planned, when it doesn't, the woman could face issues for the rest of her life. A Connecticut woman is well aware of this.

The now 35-year-old woman filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after she suffered a permanent spinal cord injury in the course of delivering her third child. She said that the anesthesiologist who gave her the epidural left her with a cystic lesion after the needle struck her terminal spinal cord. The injuries caused her to suffer from permanent leg damage and chronic pain. She could someday become permanently paralyzed and as a result of the medical attention she will continue to need, will accrue medical bills far into the future.

The role of sleep in decision making

Accidents that result in injuries to those involved could occur in a variety of situations due to multiple circumstances. When the negligence of another party is to blame for the death of another person it is possible that a wrongful death lawsuit could be filed against the person responsible.

Just what constitutes negligence varies. One thing that in many situations could constitute negligence is causing an accident due to the lack of sleep. According to a study that was recently published in the journal Sleep, the lack of sleep results in the loss of being able to do the following:

  • Adjust behavior
  • Take in new information
  • Think on one’s feet

Driverless cars in tests involved in crashes

While once upon a time the idea of a driverless car was a seemingly unattainable thing, technological advances have changed everything.  Readers are likely well aware that driverless cars are currently being tested. Since so many motor vehicle accidents are the result of driver error, the vehicles are being touted as a way to keep roads throughout the nation safer by reducing car accidents due to that very thing. A recent report indicates that multiple crashes involving the driverless cars have occurred during the testing.

Following death of husband in train accident women sues

When young people get married most do so assuming that they will have many years together. While in some instances this is the case other times the couple will find that their union ends too early as a result of a fatal accident. The loss of a spouse in this type of situation can be difficult for the person left behind to navigate. In addition to causing emotional issues it could also cause financial problems.

For some individuals who find themselves in this situation it makes sense to file a wrongful death lawsuit. A new widow who lives in Connecticut recently did that very thing.

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