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Could changes to traffic signals decrease pedestrian accidents?

As is the case with any motor vehicle accident there are multiple reasons why such an incident could occur. This is also the case where pedestrian accidents are concerned. One situation that is commonly present when a pedestrian accident occurs is a vehicle making a left hand turn.

This maneuver is dangerous to pedestrians since in the process of making this move drivers are concentrating on the traffic around them and not on any pedestrians which may be attempting to cross. This is true even when the turn is occurring at an intersection with a crosswalk.

Lawsuit filed in death of entertainer in plane crash

For fans of the Mexican-American entertainer, Jenni Rivera, who met an untimely death two years ago, her death is likely still fresh. She, along with several others, died when the airplane in which she was a passenger, crashed in northern Mexico.

Earlier this month it was announced that the performer’s estate filed a wrongful death lawsuit in connection with the crash. In it, several entities were named as defendants including the company that owned the jet and the companies that were responsible for servicing the Learjet.

Antipsychotic drug use in nursing home decreased via program

In a previous post we wrote about some of the signs of nursing home abuse and neglect. In that post we mentioned that chemically restraining a resident could be considered abuse or neglect under certain circumstances. For example, in some situations antipsychotic drugs might be used inappropriately to calm agitated residents with forms of dementia such as Alzheimer’s.

In this post we provide information about what one nursing home is doing to reduce the use of those drugs. Though the nursing home in this particular situation is located in another state, it is easy to see how the approach could be applicable in those located in Connecticut.

Jury awards $18M to parents of child injured during birth

There are many ways that people of all ages might suffer a brain injury. An elderly person might fall and hit their head. A middle-aged person might receive one in a car accident. Some babies suffer brain injuries in the process of being born. These birth injuries may be the result of negligence on the part of a health care provider. When this happens, a medical malpractice lawsuit could be filed against those responsible.

When parents can't reach custody agreement courts will intervene

Child custody matters can impact parents not only in the case of divorce but when the couple is unmarried as well. While in the latter situation paternity may first need to be established, from that point on the process will more or less be the same in either situation.

When possible, parents may work together to create a parenting plan that among other things, addresses custody and visitation. In the course of hashing out this plan parents may deal with a variety of subjects pertaining to the children including:

Trucking hours rule rollback could be included in budget deal

This past fall we wrote a post regarding the public’s feeling about drowsy truck drivers behind the wheel of trucks. In that post we referenced a survey commissioned by the Truck Safety Coalition and Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety that indicated 80 percent of those surveyed did not support an increase in the number of hours a truck driver is allowed to drive, from 70 to 82 a week. In this post we provide an update on the matter.

Man's death at restaurant prompts lawsuit

The Applebee's restaurant chain has locations throughout the nation including in the state of Connecticut. In most cases when people go to the restaurant for a meal it is to take a break and enjoy themselves over dinner. Often that is exactly the experience they get. The visit was anything but enjoyable for a father and son who visited one of the restaurants in another state, however. 

Fatal pedestrian accident could result in wrongful death lawsuit

Facing the death of a loved one is usually a difficult thing for most. When that person’s death is sudden and unexpected another layer of emotion is added to that difficulty. When it is the result of an action taken on the part of another person, it is that much worse. A situation that illustrates this is when someone is killed in an accident involving a motor vehicle.

Sadly, the family of 67-year-old pedestrian who was killed last month in Connecticut, likely knows all too well how this feels.

Hundreds of accidents in Connecticut reported over Thanksgiving

Last week we wrote a blog post that discussed how dangerous roads throughout the nation become over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. To help address that issue in the state of Connecticut, the state police increased patrol beginning the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, through the following Sunday. Now that weekend is over, we have statistics regarding the traffic issues that arose during that period of time. 

Death in elderly often the result of falls

Nursing home neglect can take many forms and result in multiple outcomes. It is possible that the failure to properly monitor a nursing home resident could lead to a resident injuring him or herself in a fall. While a fall may not impact younger individuals at all, for elderly individuals it could actually lead to their death. In fact, for individuals in that demographic, they are the leading cause of death.

One injury that an older person residing at a nursing home could suffer from as a result of a fall is a broken hip. Thought it may sound strange, a fractured hip could actually start a chain reaction resulting in the death of the person who faces it. This result often has to do with the underlying conditions the victims have including dementia, hypertension, arthritis and diabetes. According to one doctor, after suffering from a broken hip, one scenario that is common is that a patient will get pneumonia and die.

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