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Do you know what constitutes nursing home abuse or neglect?

Most residents would likely agree that even one occurrence of nursing home neglect or abuse is one too many. To try to prevent activities considered to be negligent or abusive, regulations regarding the matter have been adopted at the federal and levels. Under these regulations neglect is defined, in part, as a failure to provide the services and care necessary to keep a resident free from harm. Among other things abuse is considered the intentional infliction or injury or punishment that leaves the recipient the victim of physical harm, mental anguish or pain.

Tips for drivers on how to avoid pedestrian accidents this winter

With colder temperatures taking over much of the country it is only a matter of time before snow makes its way to the Watertown area of Connecticut. In our last post we focused on things that pedestrians can do to keep themselves safer as they navigate their community on foot. In this post we will provide tips for motorists that could help to prevent pedestrian accidents.

Tips for pedestrians navigating Connecticut communities in winter

Just as drivers need to be aware of how winter weather can impact safety on the roads of Connecticut, so too do pedestrians. While the risk of being struck by a car is always present for a pedestrian, winter weather conditions can make that activity even riskier. For example, when the snow builds up sidewalks can be treacherous or even make it impossible to walk on them. Mounds of snow can also decrease the visibility of drivers who perhaps won’t see a pedestrian who is hidden by a pile of snow. When it is snowing heavily, the flakes or blowing snow could obscure visibility and a driver could fail to see a pedestrian in his or her path.

Testing of self-driving cars prompts modifications

Each day car accidents that are the result of actions taken by those behind the wheel occur in Connecticut, as well as in states throughout the nation. According to the National Safety Council, approximately 35,000 individuals die each year in motor vehicle accidents. In 90 percent of those situations human error is to blame.

Readers may be aware that Google is currently working on developing a vehicle that does not require a driver. At this point, the vehicles have traversed 700,000 miles of roads during tests and have demonstrated their ability to interact on roads with other vehicles, bicyclists and construction zones, without incident.

Hurt in a fall at a store? You may have legal options

Trips to a grocery store are a chore that most people in the state of Connecticut undertake each week. While this is often an uneventful activity, in certain situations it is possible that someone might hurt themselves at a store. The incident most likely to occur is a slip-and-fall accident.

These incidents not only occur inside of a store, but depending on the weather may occur outside of it as well. Inside of a store, an already slick floor can become even more so when an item falls and breaks, leaving a pool of liquid. Outside of a store, a sidewalk could become slippery during the winter months when ice and snow accumulate.

Verdict in favor of estate of man killed by truck

The unexpected loss of a loved one is devastating. No one is prepared for a call that their loved one has died. While learning of a death due to natural causes is sad, when the person is killed as the result of the negligence of another person, it is that much harder to bear.

In addition to being psychologically difficult to come to terms with, it can be financially difficult as well. This is particularly true if the person who died contributed a significant amount to the household income. Both of these reasons could prompt the estate of the deceased person to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the person or entity responsible for the death. The family of a man, who died while working in 2012, did that very thing.

Low staffing levels could lead to problems in nursing homes

It is likely that many people who place loved ones in a nursing home do so because they feel it is the best way to ensure that they are getting the care they need. That belief could be based upon many things including the services offered at the facility, a visit that appeared to indicate that residents were well cared for and reports regarding the staffing provided. Unfortunately it appears that depending on where the information is found, the latter reason may not always be reliable.  

After a serious truck accident consider contacting a lawyer

There is no question that if you or a loved one is involved in a crash involving a truck, the first priority should be your health. Getting the medical attention and treatments necessary to secure the best possible outcome where your health is concerned, is vital. While in some cases medical treatment will get you back to where you were before the collision occurred, unfortunately this is not always the case. 

Medical malpractice lawsuit may provide closure to family

There is no question that some wrongful death lawsuits that are based on medical malpractice are filed because those left behind need the financial help. This is not the only situation in which such a lawsuit might be pursued however. The actions taken by Melissa Rivers, daughter of the recently deceased comedian Joan Rivers, illustrate this.

Readers are likely aware that the comedian died several days after she stopped breathing during a medical procedure that took place at a doctor’s office. The Melissa recently hired a law firm to determine exactly what happened and whether anyone’s negligent actions were to blame for the death of the 81 year old.

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