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Truck accidents are sometimes caused by their cargo

Even though the accident involved in the following story didn't occur here in Connecticut, the wreck still holds a valuable lesson -- legally speaking -- for people who are victims of truck accidents. The wreck in question involves a truck that had some loose cargo. It fell off of the truck bed and spilled into the road, becoming entangled in the wreck that the truck was inevitably involved in.

Details are a little sparse about this wreck, but the main point is not lost: cargo plays a major part in some truck accidents. In some cases, the cargo causes the actual accident. In other cases, the truck crashes because of the cargo, may it be due to an imbalanced load or cargo that exceeds the vehicle's maximum carrying capacity.

Portion of Christmas fire wrongful death lawsuit settled

For most who observe Christmas it is a holiday full of happiness and joy. For one Connecticut family, the holiday several years ago ended in tragedy. Readers likely will not soon forget the tragedy that transpired on Christmas Day 2011, when three girls as well as their grandparents were killed when the grandparents’ house caught fire. Following the catastrophic incident, the girls’ father filed a wrongful death lawsuit seeking compensation for their untimely deaths.

Nursing homes should have plans for fire

Individuals who place their loved ones in nursing homes often do not do so before completing a certain amount of research and making sure the facility they select meets certain requirements. While cleanliness and the staff to resident ratio are definitely things that should be considered in the course of this process, there is something else that should be looked into as well—how well the facility appears to be equipped to handle a fire should one occur.

Do you know what to do following a car accident?

Car accidents are a possibility every time one takes to the road in an automobile. Despite this, it is possible that many do not know what steps they should take following a crash. Depending on the circumstances surrounding an accident what you do following it can have an impact in both criminal as well as civil court. In this post we will cover the things that should be done after a motor vehicle accident occurs besides contacting the police and your insurance company and filing an accident report.

Connecticut bill seeks to improve child support collection

Custodial parents throughout the state of Connecticut rely upon child support payments from the child’s other parent to cover expenses for the child. As a result, when a payment is not sent as ordered, a custodial parent may have to think creatively to determine how to get by financially.

This is an issue throughout the state. In fact, according to one estimate, a total of $1.5 billion dollars in child support has not been collected.

As popuarity of biking grows throughout nation so too do deaths

Individuals who are struck by cars while walking are not the only type of pedestrian that could find they are injured in such an accident. Bicyclists too can be hurt when a motor vehicle hits them. While the number of bicyclists who take to the road this time of year in Connecticut is likely sparser than during summer months, the issue of bicycle deaths in the U.S. is highlighted in the results of a study recently released.

The study notes that throughout the nation the number fatalities due to bike accidents are on the rise. This increase, which started in 2010, comes after a 35 year decrease.

In child support matters attorney beneficial

Parents who have primary custody of children likely depend upon the regular receipt of child support to provide for their children. The amount a parent will receive in child support will generally be based upon a state statute. Though this may seem straightforward, there are situations where issues arise.

One of the issues that sometimes arises where child support is concerned is the failure to consider all income in determining child support. In addition, the statute may not always accurately reflect a living situation. Accordingly, when the circumstances call for it, a deviation from that equation may be sought. Most people likely do not want to do this without the assistance of a lawyer.

$36M awarded in dog bite case

For many people who love in the state of Connecticut, dogs play an important role in their lives. Some dog owners even refer to themselves as “pet parents.” While much of the time these animals are enjoyable to be around, they are animals, and at times have been known to bite those around them. Sometime these instances are not a big deal. Other times however they leave the victim of the dog bite seriously injured. 

Could virtual traffic lights reduce car accidents?

Few things are more frustrating for drivers trying to get from one place to another than traffic. The agitation traffic can produce in drivers who are already stressed could result in aggressive driving or even road rage. In some instances this could lead to motor vehicle accidents occurring. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are attempting to make commutes easier. They are exploring the use of virtual traffic lights.

Study: Abuse in nursing homes often at hands of fellow resident

While many people throughout the nation rely upon nursing home facilities to care for loved ones, unfortunately residents are not always care for in the manner expected. Readers may be aware of cases where residents are abused by facility employees. This is not the only situation in which abuse occurs however. Sometimes the abuse is at the hands of another resident. A recent study sheds light on how serious the issue is.

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