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Fatal train accident claims lives of 6

Each day trains transport passengers to and from New York City. Some of the people who ride those trains are actually residents of the state of Connecticut who utilize the mode of transportation to get to work each weekday. On most of these occasions the trip is uneventful and passengers are safely delivered to their destination. On some occasions however, injury indicting accidents do occur. 

Study focuses on role family can play in brain injury recovery

There is no question that a brain injury is one of the most serious injuries that someone could face. While in some cases individuals can recover fairly quickly, other times it can take longer. Some even end up in a coma for a period of time. Throughout the years various approaches to treating the condition have been tried, some with better results than others. A new study focuses on the role that loved ones talking to someone who is in a coma plays in their recovery. 

Dangers on stairways

There are a wide range of things that could cause a stairway to become dangerous.

One is the stairway not having a proper design. Some examples of design mistakes that could make a stairway unsafe include: the stairway not being up to code, the stair risers being too high or the stair treads not being deep enough.

Make motorcycle safety a priority in the offseason

Though most motorcyclists in the state of Connecticut have not been on their bikes for months, it is likely many are counting the days until they can pull them out again. While currently they cannot take to the roads for long rides, they can prepare for that first ride of the season by thinking about safety precautions they can take to be safe when that day does arrive.

The first thing is to look into taking a motorcycle safety course. Spring is right around the corner and entities throughout the state will likely soon be offering courses.

Lightning a risk for boaters

Though it is currently snowy and cold in the state of Connecticut, there are likely many individuals who own boats who are dreaming about the day that the temperatures will make it possible to get back onto the water. While a favorite hobby for many, it can also be quite dangerous.

There are many ways in which boating can be risky. One of the ways in which someone on a boat might be injured is in a lightning strike. In fact, the odds of a boat being struck by lightning are around one in a thousand. This is significantly higher than the one in a million odds a person otherwise faces in regard to the event occurring. While states located in the Southeast portion of the country report the highest frequency of boating lightening claims, it can happen in Connecticut as well.

Dentists may be liable for medical malpractice too

Some people dread visiting the dentist. The reasons for this vary, but the potential pain associated with a visit is one reason. While people may not like to go because of this, most assume that at the end of the procedure they will return home in a better place than when they started. This was sadly not the end result for a Connecticut woman.

Fatal workplace accident could lead to lawsuit

Most of us don’t consider the possibility that we could be killed in a workplace accident. While there are certainly some fields of employment where this seems more likely than others, it could happen to anyone, regardless of where they work.

Loved ones of a man recently killed in a workplace accident in Connecticut likely know this all too well. The 65-year-old truck driver suffered serious injuries when in the process of being removed from his truck, a bundle of aluminum fell upon him. Despite being taken to an area hospital, the man died from his injuries. According to authorities, he suffered a head injury.

Lawmakers looking to give distracted driving law more bite

Here in Connecticut, lawmakers have historically taken a very strong stance against distracted driving. It all started ten years ago with the passage of the hands-free law and has continued up through 2013, which saw the maximum monetary penalty for distracted driving offenders rise to $1,000 and the Department of Motor Vehicles vested with the authority to impose points against their driver's licenses.

Now, it appears that some lawmakers are looking to strengthen the state's distracted driving laws even further. This time, however, the targeted danger isn't electronic devices, but rather man's best friend.

In cases of nursing home neglect fines often not enough

There is no question that nursing homes fulfill a need in today’s society. As the baby boomer generation continues to grow older, they, as well as family members, begin to contemplate what their living arrangements will look like. While the answer of course varies depending on each person’s circumstances, nursing homes and assisted facilities are, or most definitely will be, a part of that conversation for many. 

Do stoned drivers pose a risk?

It is well known that driving while drunk poses a risk not only to the person who engages in the behavior, but to others who happen to be on the road with them. When a drunk driver causes an accident it can leave those involved serious hurt and possibly even dead.

With more and more states either legalizing the use of marijuana or okaying it for medical purposes, focus is being put on stoned drivers as well. But just how dangerous are these drivers?

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