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The drama continues in Sheen, Mueller, Richards custody case

People all across Connecticut have likely been reading the stories about the custody battle between Charlie Sheen, his ex-wife Brooke Mueller, and his other ex-wife Denise Richards. The drama that has unfolded has been more of a movie plot than a very real life situation, and details continue to emerge that add in more complications and plot twists.

There may be no child custody battle that is ever considered to be simple or easy. Parents are very emotional during this process and want to do whatever it takes to protect their relationship with a child while also working to protect the child's wellbeing. However, many parents in more traditional child custody disputes may be feeling lucky that their own situation is not nearly as complex as the one making headlines.

According to reports, Mueller and Sheen share twin sons. After their divorce, the children lived with Mueller. However, Both Sheen and Mueller have publicly struggled with addiction, and recently the children were removed from Mueller's home after it was deemed an unsafe environment.

In a surprise twist, Denise Richards, Sheen's other ex-wife and mother to his two other children, took in the twins and was granted temporary custody. Sheen reportedly supports the arrangement, but Mueller has been vocally against it. Mueller has apparently requested that her brother be given custody while she is receiving treatment for her addiction. 

Sadly, money seems to be at the center of all this. While Richards has not requested any money from Sheen for taking care of the twins, Mueller has reportedly stated that she wants her kids to stay with her brother so that she can keep receiving child support money from Sheen. 

Despite all the bickering, legal procedures, accusations and bad blood between some of the parties involved, it would seem that right now, the twins are being cared for. They are in a safe and supportive environment, even though it may not seem to be the most traditional solution.

The drama and sensationalism of this dispute is not something that average couples in Connecticut typically have to deal with. However, it serves as a good reminder that child custody arguments can take some unexpected turns. Working with an attorney can help parents prepare for the process and secure an arrangement that benefits all parties. 

Source: Contra Costa Times, "Hicks: Charlie Sheen wants Denise Richards to keep twins," Tony Hicks, May 15, 2013

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